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Celtic Wedding Music

Mickie & Elizabeth specialize in beautiful music in the Celtic tradition for weddings on the Mendocino Coast. Celtic harp and hammered dulcimer add magic to any ceremony. Spirited rhythms with Irish flute and concertina make for a lively reception. We use an interesting selection of tunes from Ireland, England, Scotland and France. Many combinations of instruments offer a rich texture for your event.

Mickie & Elizabeth can also provide a "Country Dance" for wedding receptions. "Country Dances" are group dances traditional to the British Isles that are the forerunner of square and contra dance. A fun way for the families to be playful together.

Old Scottish saying: "A wedding without a bagpiper is like a funeral."

Samples of Mickie & Elizabeth's music in MP3 format
All rights reserved © Mickie & Elizabeth
Sidhe Beag Sidhe Mohr
The Orange Rogue
Castle Kelly/Mad Mall
Marina/Fiona's Folly
Joseff McKrimmon's Fancy/Smoke In The Wind
Kitty Gone A Milking/Music In The Glen
My Love Is A Band Boy/Sportin' Paddy
The Longford Collector/The Ash Plant
As I Roved Out
Lover's Doubts/The Shepherdess
Queen of the Rushes/Banks of Loughgowna/The Cock and Hen
The Braes of Mar/Da Forfeit O' Da Ship
The Welsh King
The Selkie/Lark In The Morning/The Rookery

You can add the sound of the fiddle (violin)
for dancing and fun by adding Corwin Zekley.
The Weavers

Mickie & Elizabeth
PO Box 1176, Mendocino, CA 95460
(707) 964-4826
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