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How And Where To Buy

How To Buy

Call or email for more information.
If you are coming to Mendocino, California it may be possible to make an appointment
(707) 964-4826 email
PO Box 1176, Mendocino, CA 95460
Call Folk World Music free of charge from anywhere in the USA
Just click on the Call Me button
Type in your phone number and it will call the number you put in.
When your phone rings pick it up and it will connect you to Folk World Music at no charge.

All instruments are sold as is. All prices are firm.
Buyer pays all shipping & packing charges.
Califonia residents 8.25% sales tax.
We do not take credit cards or PayPal.
Check with us for shipping charges. All checks made out to Mickie Zekley
Bank checks or postal money orders for domestic sales.
Foreign orders Western Union payments only.
Contact us before making payments

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