The Mooncoin Album

Musical Instruments - those graceful remnants of trees long cut, strung and banded with bright metal that was scooped from deep underground and worked, have at least two kinds of charm. First there is the charm of shape, Inspiration, and kind. The harps, pure straight strings resonating all over the ancient world, overtones reaching through today, ring with majesty, while flutes shape breath to tone, and pipes cry the name of every tribe. The fiddle laughs and dances noun expanses of time and distance. All the history In each Instrument - and then there is the charm of touch. Each players hands, the feel of the wood on the skin, the breath, the concentration, the sound - then the light deep within the sound, and the merging of the inward eye and the heart. Musical Instruments - and the sound of Mooncoin. - Kevin Carr

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Included here are short MP3 sound samples for you to enjoy.

1. The Barley Straw/The Rambling Pitchfork Vocal, Cittern, Mandolins and Flute (4:16)  MP3 Format
2. Eddie Kelly's/Mothers Delight Irish Reels - Mandolin, Harpguitar (3:29)  MP3 Format
3. Nancy From London Vocal, Hurdy Gurdy And Flute (3:09)  MP3 Format
4. Bimid ag Ol/Patsy Gery's Jigs Irish - Flute, Cittern, Fiddle, Bodhran (2:12)  MP3 Format
5. Tá Mé 'Mo Shuí Irish - Tinwhistles, Irish Harp, Vocal/ Uilleann Pipe Drone (5:51)  MP3 Format
6. Carty's Reels Irish - Flute/ Guitar (2:04)  MP3 Format
7. The Night Visitor Irish - Vocal, Harpguitar, Mandolins (5:15)  MP3 Format
8. The Limerick Lasses/Fermoy Lasses/The Cabin Hunter Irish Reels - Mandolin, Flute, Fiddle, Bodhran (3:42)  MP3 Format
9. The Claudy Banks/Eleanor Plunkett Irish - Vocal, Flute, Cittern, Irish Harp, Tinwhistle (5:58)  MP3 Format
10. Breton Tune/La Mair E La Hilha Breton, French - Highland Bagpipe, Fiddle, Hurdy Gurdy, Bodhran, Tenor Drum (2:25)  MP3 Format

Mickie Zekley and Michael Hubbert on harp, flute, cittern, hurdy gurdy, whistle, vocals, fiddle, special guest Arrigo D'Albert on hurdy gurdy. Fun!

Recorded originally as a LP for Kicking Mule Records in 1982. Copyright Mickie Zekley & Michael Hubbert ©1982. All rights reserved.

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email To reach Mickie Zekley.

Michael Hubbert - Vocals, mandolin, cittern, fiddle, guitar, tinwhistle, bodhran and hurdy gurdy.

Mickle Zekley - Flute, cittern, Irish harp, tinwhistle, harp guitar, Highland bagpipe, ullleann pipe drone and drum.

Arrigo D'Albert - Hurdy gurdy on La Mair E La Hilha.

All Tunes Traditional. Arrangements by Mooncoin - Michael Hubbert and Mickie Zekley

Head Engineer: Marco Angelo McClean

Assistant Engineer: Barbara Gibson

Mixing: Marco Angelo McClean, Michael Hubbert and Mickie Zekley

Artwork: Michael Hubbert Photography: Nicholas Wilson

Recorded October 1981 - January 1982 at MCAT Studios, Mendocino, California

Special thanks to John & Rita Whiteley, Betty Tesman, Philo Hayward and Chuck Bush.

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