Original English Country Dances

Longways Duple Minor, 4/4, E Minor
Tune by Mickie Zekley, 1987 for the birth of his daughter Marina
Dance by Elizabeth Zekley, 2004

Fiona's Folly
Longways Duple Minor, Improper, 3/4, D Major
Dance and tune by Elizabeth Zekley, dance 2004, tune 1990.
The tune was named for Keith Livingstone & Taizz Medalia's daughter, Fiona.

Mendocino Redwood
Longways Duple Minor, 6/8, D Minor
Dance by Elizabeth Zekley, Mary Devlin and Bob Fraley, tune by Jonathan Jensen.
Dance and tune both composed at Mendocino English Week 2005

Trip To Jamaica
Longways Duple Minor, 4/4, G Major
Dance by Elizabeth Zekley, 2004, to the tune of Jamaica c1670
Written as a teaching dance for Rights and Lefts.

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